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Marriage Schedule  
The most important thing for you to organise is the Marriage Schedule (or Licence – the names are used interchangeably) as this is a legal requirement.

To obtain this, it is necessary to make an appointment at the Registrars Office.

Angus Council has three Registrars offices




The Town House,
High Street,
DD10 8QW
Bruce House



DD11 3TP

County Buildings

Market Street



Tel: 03452 777778 Tel: 03452 777778 Tel: 03452 777778
Email: Email: Email:

You must apply at least 8 weeks before your wedding for the necessary permission, so it is best to err on the safe side and apply 10 weeks beforehand. You must also bring the Schedule with you to the rehearsal or on the day itself.

The forms and other information can be obtained from

After the wedding, the marriage has to be registered. This is done by returning the Marriage Licence to the Registrars Office within 72 hours of the wedding, and is usually undertaken by the Best Man or a reliable family member.